victory star fitness is a gym for everyone.

A Little About Us

Our aim is to put our VSF gyms amongst the greatest fitness facilities in Victoria, where people can feel comfortable and confident in a professional and friendly training environment. With both 24/7 access and classes offered throughout each day, our goal is to guide and support all our members, old and new, to reach their fitness goals, whatever they may be.

A major focus of the VSF brand is building a community – working with schools, local charities and local businesses to provide a network of support for our members to have access to anything they might need in their fitness journey. Within the gym our staff keep engagement high, building member confidence and enjoyment with every session.

We aim to provide a wide range of equipment and resources in our gyms. Our facilities currently include:

  • Boxing ring
  • 10 bags
  • 3 main training areas
  • Instructional Wall, with programs and informational posters
  • Weights area
  • Upstairs Cardio area
  • Variety of unique equipment pieces, including a sled, curved high-speed treadmill, wall-mounted TRX cables, a dual smith/cable machine, plus many more.
  • Lighting system and intercom setup
  • Seating and interview area
  • Toilet and shower facilities


It is our duty to ensure all members have the structure and opportunity to instil discipline, self-belief and accountability within an engaging, fun and professional format.



Our business ethos is to demonstrate a duty of care and dedicated support to our members by building in lifestyle routines and providing platforms for steady and productive change.


A registered multi-dimensional community project and boxing gym. With in-depth professional experience from military, education, exercise science, coaching and mentoring backgrounds we offer not only boxing development, but also a broad range of satellite training programs and opportunities.

Classes are structured to enthuse, build, and develop a positive training ethos using an interactive and dynamic approach that has lasting and encouraging effects for wellbeing within both youth and adult trainees.



876 Humffray Street South, Ballarat


386 Mt Alexander Rd, Travancore