victory star fitness is a gym for everyone.

A Little About Us

Our gym is designed for all levels of fitness abilities and people with a variety of goals and dreams that is suitable for children, teenagers, adults, retiree’s and is also great for people who want to increase their fitness and promote their general wellbeing.

The great motivational tool and aspects about teaching kids and people in general is to aid and to assist them to build their self-confidence and awareness about martial arts and fitness in general and help encourage  people to come out of their shell while they have heaps of fun, and they also  have the  option to self train during non business hours as to help cater for everyone in the community to assist people with flexitime in an ever changing busy world.Victor has had over 60 professional kickboxing bouts worldwide with much success and is currently undertaking a lot boxing and has been involved in fitness for over 10 years and has a qualified team of people to assist in delivering the absolute best outcomes and teachings for all involved.

Our vision is to make VSF one of the greatest fitness facilities in the Ballarat Region and Surrounds where people can feel they are at home and feel confident in a professional and friendly training environment. We make VSF a strong financial stable environment with 24/7 access. Future plan is to build a strong team and work together and at one stage to take VSF gym to another level to open another gym as a franchise. Our goal is to keep our old and new customers in line with their fitness levels and goals and also to maintain a community environment for our clients. Our plan is to work with Logo businesses, Schools and many more.

The VSF gym is suitable for everyone. Our facilities include:

  • Boxing Ring
  • 7 Bags
  • 3 Teaching
  • Zones
  • Instructional Wall
  • 1 Fixed
  • Weights area
  • Upstairs Cardio area
  • Seating and interview area
  • Toilet and shower facilities
  • Administration office


It is our duty to ensure all members have a structure to instill discipline, self-belief and accountability within an engaging, fun and professional format. Enter our journey and imagine, believe and achieve.



Our business ethos is to feel a duty of care and dedicated support to improving members by building in lifestyle routines and giving platforms for steady and productive change.


A registered multi-dimensional community project and boxing gym. With in depth professional experience from military, education, personal trainers, coaching and mentoring backgrounds we run not only boxing development but offer a far broader satellite training delivery modules.

These are structured to enthuse, build, capture and develop a positive ‘ethos’ training using an interactive and dynamic approach that has lasting and encouraging effects for wellbeing within youth and adults.

With formats and proven track history we are looking to provide 2-3 hour sessions across all 3 educational sectors (Primary, Secondary & Tertiary).

Currently running a ‘Confident kids Project’ to build not only confidence but resilience, communication, problem solving, organisation and lifeskills within a 12 progressive program.


  • To provide a platform for young students and adults the opportunity to improve skills in boxing conditioning of their body.
  • Strength training, muscular endurance and cardiovascular improvement.
  • To develop resilience through a series of engaging and demanding contact exercises.
  • Improved knowledge and confidence within a gymnasium environment.
  • Be part of a happy fun culture and environment through training, events, meetings and self-development.


  • Improved attitude and willingness to engage, improved co-ordination, understanding control and intensity.
  • Become self-motivated and disciplined and display positive behavioral traits to take in to their everyday lives.
  • Develop good friendships and relationships with positive role models in the local community and embrace change within themselves
  • Improved motor skills and resilience, become self-motivated and disciplined.
  • Physical development, Improvement in Emotional, Social, Mental and Nutritional education
  • Key benefits and improvements of Circuit Training:
  • Increased social interaction

    – Improves balance and posture

    – Improves muscle endurance, strength and cardiovascular fitness Strengthens upper- body and core Boosts endurance.

    – Increase alertness and enhances mood

    – Good for Discipline and controlling aggression



876 Humffray Street South, Ballarat


386 Mt Alexander Rd, Travancore