Have a specific question that we haven’t covered?

Make an appointment on VSF Website or contact the office on (03) 5331 7040

Each membership has a specific price attached against the criteria and expectations – ask for an appointment for clarification

Once you are signed to a contract you download the Victory Star Fitness App – this must be done with the administration team at the gym to ensure the system and details are correct

Contact the gym via phone or visit the facility to chat to a PT. These sessions are sought after and require some planning to ensure you receive the best outcomes.

If you are in hardship or feel the need to cancel there are 2 steps:

Hardship or Injury – we can postpone until you are in a better position to continue and see out the contract

Cancel – this is a contract and all moneys are processed through Debit Success therefore all contracts must be fulfilled.

All contracts have a minimum term of 6 Months so it is advised to assess your commitment prior to administration processing

Any individual with a history or current injury must provide a ‘Doctors’ approval note to train

This will give our PT a chance to assess your limitations and provide practices to your needs

You can eat foods although if undertaking the program designed for ‘Life-style’ change it is advised to read the benefits of those foods and assess accordingly.

This is common due to work and family commitments and although unfortunate we have given opportunity for all members to attend classes at various times throughout the week to ensure your criteria is met.

Contact the administration and they will put you on the next course 6 weeks later. This will give you enough time to plan and act. Your contract will be on hold until you start the program.