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Our boxing gyms are designed for all levels of fitness, suitable for any variety of abilities, circumstances and goals. We have programs open for children, teenagers, adults, retirees, with the help of our experienced staff guiding our members each and every day to increase their fitness and general wellbeing. Victory Star Fitness offers two locations currently, with even more on the way! Our eventual goal is to offer VSF facilities all around Australia, providing communities better access to health and fitness resources, providing for our members wherever they are.

Lead by Professional Boxer, Victor Nagbe


Exhausted 2 Energised (E2E):

This challenge is about applying a lifestyle change that will take you out of your old habits and into new ones over the 6 weeks.
Nutritional tracking and physical training to improve your fitness and wellbeing, with testing before and after the program to show improvements.
Commit to the program requirements to get the full benefit of the 6 weeks!
Cardio, Strength and Endurance, with improved knowledge, confidence and resilience, all gained within an engaging and supportive environment.

Novas (Beginner) & Advanced Boxing:

Boxing-specific classes to teach the skills of the sport, as well as improving health and wellbeing through fitness.
Catering to both experienced boxers and those doing it for the very first time!

Inner Warrior Program:

Offered both mornings and afternoons, Inner Warrior sessions are dynamic and engaging workouts.
Every session is different, making use of a wide variety of exercises and equipment.
Holistic strength/cardio sessions to improve not only physical development, but also coordination, posture and balance.

Confident Kids Program:

To provide a platform for young students to develop key skills, encouraging participation, development and ability. Students first learn the basics and gradually build on their motor skills and overall wellbeing. Over time students are introduced to the more technical areas of boxing.

24 Hour Gym Membership:

A membership option granting access to the facility at any time, with full use of the equipment laid out within the gym.
All new members given an induction on the use of the equipment available.

Casual Membership:

This option gives flexibility to attend different classes throughout the day, paying only a per-session fee at the office.

Exclusive Member Discounts:

Discounts for local businesses, exclusive to VSF members (Currently only in Ballarat)
Lakeview Restaurant, Start Café, MMA Fightstore, All Supplements, Fabulous Threading, The Stag Hairdressers, Bupa, SkyHigh Builders, Salt Rooms, Vodafone, First Choice Mechanic, Balance Massage/Acupuncture, Peaches Fruit and Veg

Benefits You'll Gain

Effective Bodyweight Routines

Interval Training Secrets

Personalized Heart Zone Training



876 Humffray Street South, Ballarat


386 Mt Alexander Rd, Travancore



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