Te-Arnee Shares Thoughts on Her Weight Loss Journey with VSF

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“Trust me when I say I don’t Love my body just yet. BUT, I am extremely Amazed and in absolute ‘Aw’ of what Victory Star has helped me Accomplish!

I Couldn’t have done it without you’s.

Along way to go. yet, So far foward in just a few short weeks.
I look forward to the results in the coming months.

I was going to save this for next week but I’m sure I’ll have a solid one then ☺.
Every week brings new results and this week isn’t finished yet. Oh and couldn’t help myself.

Thank you Alan, Victor and all of the attendees.
As I look around You’s ALL Amaze me!
And watching you machines go,
Helps me push that bit harder and just let it burn!!! 🤣

Good luck to the new attendees.
I hope these result photos give you strength to push on and keep you focused on your journey and help you keep a end result picture of your own in mind.

4 baby’s birthed / 3 cesareans and abusing my health to get by and I’m down there doing my best of what I honestly thought was the impossible.

If you put enough in, you will see results. %100.

You have to truly want it, dream it, live it, and work for it, to get it !

This Is My Temple
Vowing to look after it!


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