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Kick Boxing & Boxing

At the age of 28 Victor already has 2 world kick-boxing titles under his belt (the Max World Champion 2013 and the World Kickboxing Federation World Champion), as well as a recent Australian Champion’s title after his switch into traditional boxing.

Victor started his boxing career at an incredibly young age, competing professionally at the age of 18. With a decade of professional experience behind him, Victor knows the value of dedication and persistence, and applies those qualities to everything he does. They say that less is more, but growing up Victor would spend hundreds of hours perfecting his craft!

“Growing up I have always loved fighting … I had a passion for it, so I decided to go pro and make it my profession in life. Since moving to Ballarat, I love waking up each morning and going for a run around the Lake to start my day, before going to my second home, the gym. Being healthy and fit is so much fun, it gives me a rush of adrenaline every time I train, and so I just want to share that happiness with the people of Ballarat and Geelong.”


Victor is a certified gym instructor with 10+ years of training experience and multiple world titles to his name.

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Kick Boxing
Muay thai
Weight Loss


Emigrating from Scotland in November 2019 with his wife and 2 sons, Alan brings over 20 years of knowledge and a wealth of instructional experience from the Military and the Education sector in Scotland as a physical trainer. Having worked across a number of Secondary Schools and Universities, Alan represented the Royal Navy in Football, Field Gun and Athletics. Fortunate to travel many countries, Alan has designed and honed over time various models of best practice for improving the wellbeing of his trainees by challenging their mindsets and engaging them in radical and motivating practices.

“If you give an inch they take a mile, make them work hard for the mile to appreciate the inch.”


  • Grade 1 Physical Trainer – Military & Specific Circuits, Endurance and Calisthenics.
  • Lecturer in Leadership
  • Soccer Team Coach
  • Motivation and Leadership Practices and Delivery Models
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Physical Training
Coach & Mentor
Lecturer in leadership


Team Alan


Physical Trainer, Coach & Mentor



A Ballarat local, Connor uses his experiences in athlete training and conditioning to program for a variety of clients, utilising his qualifications in Sport and Exercise Science. Connor has worked with groups such as junior athlete teams, Special Olympics competitors, football umpire associations, and professional fighters. Having a wide range of experiences growing up, Connor brings a rounded perspective to his work, adapting as needed to provide the best services he can.

“The great thing about training is there are always a thousand different ways to do it – there’s a perfect fit for everyone”


  • Bachelor Exercise and Sport Science.
  • 5+ years’ experience working with clients of all ages.
  • Soccer Team Coach
  • Performance Program writing and delivery
My Skills
Athlete training
Performance development
Sports coaching
Beginner Trainee Coaching



876 Humffray Street South, Ballarat


386 Mt Alexander Rd, Travancore