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Victor Nagbe | Kick Boxing & Boxing

Victor has 10 years experience, is a Multiple world champion and Certified gym instructor.

At the age of 26 Victor already has 2 world champions, under his belt. The Max World champion 2013 and the World Kickboxing federation world champion. Victor started his boxing career at an incredibly young age, Being a professional boxer at the age of 18. Victor knows a lot about dedication and persistence. Victor spent most of his childhood training, starting a healthy work habit at a young age that he has perfected overthe years. It takes motivation and dedication to succeed.

They say that less is more but growing up Victor would spend hundreds of hours perfecting his punches and kicks, giving him the advantage needed to beat his opponents during his fights.

"Growing up I have always loved fighting and getting to fight in the streets. I had a passion for it, so I decided to go pro and make it my profession in life.  Since moving to Ballarat, I love waking up each morning and going for a run around the lake to start my day, before going to my second home, the gym. Being healthy and fit is so much fun, it gives me a rush of adrenaline every time I train, and so I just want to share that happiness with the people of Ballarat and Geelong." 

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