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Victor Nagbe | Kick Boxing & Boxing

Professional Athlete, 10 years experience, Multiple world champion, Certificate gym instructor.

Dianne Boult | Class instructor & personal trainer

Victory Star Fitness would like to welcome our new trainer Dianne Boult. Dianne has a background in fitness, completing a certificate three in fitness and then went on to instruct circuit classes at a physiotherapy center which she did ongoing for three years.

Dianne then competed in the Victorian Athletic League, running in 70, 100, 120- and 200-meter events for ten years. After Dianne's successful decade of running she moved to Ballarat and completed Bachelor of Exercise and Sports Science, while studying Dianne worked as a weekend Tutor at St. Patricks College with the boarders. She's now undertaking personal training in gyms, boxing for fitness and cross training sessions.


Indy Skinner | Class instructor, personal trainer, metafit coach & Manager

Victory Star Fitness would like to welcome Indy Skinner to the team. Indy left school at age 15 and followed her passion of fitness and health. “I love that a person can be in a world of pain and stress but when they dedicate their mind to fitness, the mindset can change within the blink of an eye”. She has completed her certificate III and IV in fitness and personal training and has been working in the gym environment for 2 years. Indy is an all-rounder! She loves to educate people in cardio, weights, circuit training and anything in between. Indy has surrounded herself in boxing gyms and has developed a passion for the sport.

Indy has also completed a metafit course during the year 2018 which is a high intensity training method that focuses on the burning of calories after a workout is complete. When Indy is not training, she is very approachable and a great listener. But while training, she loves to push your limits and is dedicated to your overall goal!

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