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About Victory Star Fitness

Our gym is designed for all levels of fitness abilities and people with a variety of goals and dreams that is suitable for children, teenagers, adults, retiree’s and is also great for people who want to increase their fitness and promote their general wellbeing.

First of all, let me introduce myself. My Name is Victor Nagbe. I’m a Kick Boxing and Muay Thai World Champion and an active athlete who has had a huge passion and success for the industry since I was a child. The reason we created and organised these gym classes is because I know the importance of teaching people how to stay fit and healthy, and to give them the opportunity to develop Self-defence, Self confidence, Self discipline and healthy habits early on.

The great motivational tool and aspects about teaching kids and people in general is to aid and to assist them to build their self-confidence and awareness about martial arts and fitness in general and help encourage  people to come out of their shell while they have heaps of fun, and they also  have the  option to self train during non business hours as to help cater for everyone in the community to assist people with flexitime in an ever changing busy world.Victor has had over 60 professional kickboxing bouts worldwide with much success and is currently undertaking a lot boxing and has been involved in fitness for over 10 years and has a qualified team of people to assist in delivering the absolute best outcomes and teachings for all involved.

Our vision is to make VSF one of the greatest fitness facilities in the Ballarat Region and Surrounds where people can feel they are at home and feel confident in a professional and friendly training environment. We make VSF a strong financial stable environment with 24/7 access. Future plan is to build a strong team and work together and at one stage to take VSF gym to another level to open another gym as a franchise. Our goal is to keep our old and new customers in line with their fitness levels and goals and also to maintain a community environment for our clients. Our plan is to work with Logo businesses, Schools and many more.

What we can offer you:

  • Loyalty
  • Honesty
  • 100% support all the way in your journey
  • Professionalism
  • Help you build your confidence
  • Help you get fit
  • Help you lose weight, get in shape or gain muscle
  • Teach you technique
  • Teach you self-defense
  • Give you nutritional advice
  • And a lot more